Enhance Value of Digitization


Unlock History!

Historical records, whether in special collections of libraries or basements of companies, have a wealth of information waiting to be extracted. However, mere digitization is not enough, data has to be extracted in a structured manner. Doxie is unlocking this rich data source by building custom pipelines to extract data from the most challenging data sources.

Our Services

Custom Pipelines for Document Transcription through state of the art Machine Learning AI.
Extract Information, Form Structure, and Enable Data Analysis.

Domain Knowledge

We work closely with your domain experts to extract out key values.

Doxie Document Framework

We apply our document framework, pipeline process and build customize machine learning models for your specific use cases.

Desire Output

We delivery custom output format ready to be used in your research.

Our company elevates digitization to the next level and expedites your research!

Get results in weeks Not Years!

Our Projects

[image credit: Essig Museum, University Washington Library, National Archives]

[Note: Doxie.AI has been partnering with UC Berkeley's Bancroft Library to incorporate machine learning technology into their digitization project. This work was recently shared at a Bancroft Roundtable series.]

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We are keen on unlocking values and discover key data from your collections! We customize our machine learning model to suit our customers' use cases. We work side-by-side with our customer.

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